Wednesday, December 8, 2010

[evidence #01]

Trust Society Archived Evidence #220443
Recovered Transcript of Interview:120610:  - Patient K0R3

interviewer: The doctors said you were singing a song today.

patient: *continues to work on her drawing*

interviewer:  [NAMEDELETED], can you tell me about the song you were singing today?

patient: I'm drawing about it.

interviewer:  That is very interesting.  I see a unicorn.  Do you like unicorns?

patient: No.  I don't like unicorns.  They are dangerous things.  Like the balena.

interviewer:  The what?  I'm sorry [NAMEDELETED], what did you say?

patient: The balena.

interviewer: What is a balena, [NAMEDELETED]?

patient:  A behemoth.  

interveiwer:  A what?
patient:  My father used to hunt them down.  He's hunt them with the me.  We would be on the orca and I would be wearing my dance mask.  I would have the important job of keeping his harpoon sharpened.  I would use my teeth.  (patient laughs)

interviewer:  Go on.. that is a nice story.

patient: It is NOT a story!  I know how to use my teeth.  I earned my teeth.  I could sharpen the harpoon that it could cut the very clouds!

interview:  I see.  

patient:  No you don't.  I'm drawing this for you, doctor.  You see this guy (points to uncolored portion of the drawing)  This is you.  You will never be able to understand.  

interview:  Thank you for your drawing, [NAMEDELETED].  I am sure -

A scratching sound can be heard in the background.  The interviewer can be heard leaving his chair and walking away.  The scratching sound gets louder and louder.

patient:  Daddy is home.

A deafening roar followed by the sound of the recorder tumbling to the ground.  The recorder thankfully survives whatever caused the explosion.  It continues to record.  Somewhere, a man (the interviewer?) can be heard moaning in agony.    There are breathing noises.  Heavy breathing noises.

patient:  You.. 

The breathing stops.  A strange bestial sound like a lion's roar interspersed with the bellow of a whale can be heard.  Then four seconds of silence before the breathing begins again.

patient:  You are not my daddy.

The tape recorder ends here.   The recorder was found amidst the rubble a few yards from the sinkhole that had destroyed the whole facility.  There are no survivors.  The local government has called it a tragic natural disaster.  

We know they are wrong.
Dir Schr√∂dinger Wir Vertrauen.


  1. Rough German.
    Probably wanted to say
    In Schrodinger We Trust.

  2. Good catch there.
    Yeah, kinda just used Altavista for this post.
    :-P I only hope my players enjoy it as much as you do.