Thursday, December 9, 2010

[evidence #02]

Trust Society Archived Evidence #000013
Retrieved Electronic Mail

[contact information unrecovered]
Tanittamil Iyakkam is wrong.  The dialects are not corrupted from their dialect.  The were all derived from the One True Tongue.  R. Mathivanan is wrong as well.  What he assumes to have deciphered was him merely codifying the surface of the Language itself.
It is fun, is it not, watching these fools struggle to comprehend something so beyond their realm of experience and understanding.
This is my last invitation.   I will not ask again.
Will you join me?
[end of email]

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  1. The names are listed in wikipedia as those of the Tamil who believe all languages were derived or corrupted from the original language of their people.

    I presume the part about an invitation is something more tied to the nature of this game, rather than the actual texts?