Tuesday, January 25, 2011

[Kumari] Children's Game in Sargasso Isle

I intone the names of the Twelve Who Walk
Irkalla, Khnum, Elohim, Brahman
I summon the names of the Twelve Who Shape
Shin, Coatl, Fata Decima, Vor
I praise the names of the Twelve Who Destroy
Melek Taus, Proteus, Alpha, Omega
And I weep for the worlds the Twelve had Lost.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Song of Battle

Oh sing a song of triumph and
oh sing a song of war.
Oh raise the banner to the sky
towards the watching Star.

Wake from the slumber, Behemoth.
Prepare the monstrous steed.
Our swords, our spears, our validyn
of Savage blood shall feed.

We fear not the words of the Alpha
nor Omega's deadly grasp.
We embrace courage and cast out rote
to fulfill our destined task.

Oh sing a song and raise your flag
Oh sing and war with me
Oh shatter all the Builder's men
til come our victory.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Personal Log: Hiroshi Irikawa

I am still wondering how to make sense of this all.   Clarence Wilkins and I are standing upon the threshold of a new tomorrow.  The debris and the strange device do function.  While I have not understood how Clarence does it (for even after literally mimicking each and every step he does, I am unable to still make it happen) when he uses his multi-tool with what I have called the Friction Engine, the engine does turn.  And when the engine is running, and given a larger feed of energy, the debris come together as if drawn by electromagnetic forces and create a doorway.

Above is the snapshot of one of the sights that is visible through that doorway.  The ring is huge, at least a number of miles high from the looks of it.  The ground however may be lending to some scaling issues.  But that arc is clearly a man-made structure.

And the blue is not the sky.
It is water.

The door opens to what seems to be an area that was once inhabited.
But now beneath the waves.

I still wonder if this has anything to do with the myths of Atlantis.  Or Kumari Kamdan.  Or Lemuria.
Or if we are seeing a glimpse of another world.

Because neither make sense when you take into account the Friction Engine which we had been given to study. The artifact had fallen from the sky.  The material seems alien in origin.  And yet, on its side, in what I have understood now to be a "pig pen cipher" is his name.

Clarence Wilkins.

Why would this alien device have your name on it, Clarence?
What else are you hiding from me?

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retrieved personal log:  Irikawa, Hiroshi
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