Monday, December 6, 2010

[artefact #01]

Lprxy lrv bxl cvbch Lrtigy lpnz mprmm tq lpr lifnuimggvf uz pvvzrrzqam nsak mqgkbf.  

Zbts za mfw Beans ow bac Lma.

Zbprv ikc xqik eyonv Kcstzy nsak mfzjipk nsed.
Bpm Szpghl tyzbtw if Jixieigr av rgws Rviek.


Buom ts kpx Rjcgn iq tym Ygnm.

Ntx ehvzx yjm gcywvv eam szr mcgee bac sjvrcey kw mpsdrxmp tym pmjtqy.

Nsij ql rzm Gxoeh fn mfw Avtaflrzbrq.

found painted on the wall of an abandoned apartment.
the room was the only part of the apartment that did not burn down.
the investigators could not uncover any reason why the room survived the blaze.


  1. Yes! I knew I should have made an "About this blog" page. This is for an upcoming new World of Darkness chronicle with my friends. I haven't told them which parts of the World of Darkness I am planning to use, so its kinda exciting for them.

    Uh, how did you find this page?

  2. It has become clear to me this is not a coded text using a basic substitution cipher. I wonder if you decided to use a Vigenère cipher. That, however, would require a keyword to act as the basis for decoding the message.

    What would be the keyword, I wonder?

  3. I figured it out.
    It is a coded message using the Vigenère cipher. The keyword was the title of the blog itself: Singularity.

    This tool might prove useful for those who want to try to read it.

  4. WHOA! Great job!
    (This does reveal the teaser earlier than I had planned but hey, that's the fun of teasers right?)


    Now my players will have an idea on what's going on!


    Gotta post more teasers soon!

  5. Coolness! Major thanks to Philip!

  6. The five names struck me as odd since they seemed familiar to some degree.

    Sol=the sun
    Atlan=a play on the name Atlantis, perhaps?
    Mu=a legendary land, which at times has been related to Atlantis as well. Has also been referred to as Lumeria
    Kumari=Kumari Kandam is another name for Lumeria, or at least is attributed to be the same. In Tamil tradition it is known more as the Land of Purity

    So it seems there are legendary lands of myth, and the Sun. As to how each correlate to one another, I do not quite clearly see so far.