Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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Trust Society Archived Evidence #000043
Retrieved Electronic Mail

"Homo Dravida” first evolved in Kumari Kandam; it is the cradle of civilization; the birthplace of all languages in general and of the Tamil language in particular. This is where the first and second great ages (Sangams?) of the Tamils happened, not in India, but in the true Dravidian homeland, further south.
R. Mathivanan, then Chief Editor of the Tamil Etymological Dictionary Project of the Government of Tamilnadu, in 1991 … [produced] the following timeline …:

ca. 200,000 to 50,000 BC: evolution of “the Tamilian or Homo Dravida”,
ca. 200,000 to 100,000 BC: beginnings of the Tamil language
50,000 BC: Kumari Kandam civilisation
20,000 BC: A lost Tamil culture of the Easter Island which had an advanced civilisation
16,000 BC: Lemuria submerged
6087 BC: Second Tamil Sangam established by a Pandya king
3031 BC: A Chera prince in his wanderings in the Solomon Island saw wild sugarcane and started cultivation in Tamilnadu.
1780 BC: The Third Tamil Sangam established by a Pandya king
7th century BC: Tolkappiyam (the earliest extant Tamil grammar)… 
The continent was destroyed by three large floods which wiped out most of the golden civilization with it:

It is believed by some Tamil scholars that the first academy existed at southern Maturai and was terminated by sea devouring the city. The Pandya king established a second academy at Kapadapuram. Again, the sea devoured the city. The Pandya king established the third academy in present Maturai (far away from sea coast). 
What was left was later wiped out by the Aryan invasion that corrupted the remnants of the once great Tamil civilizations:
“After imbibing the mania of the Aryan culture of destroying the enemy and their habitats, the Dravidians developed a new avenging and destructive war approach. This induced them to ruin the forts and cities of their own brethren out of enmity”. 

It is to my understanding many of today's attempts to comprehend the missing lands are corrupted with the misunderstanding that there is merely one single world.  Few are aware of the reality that there exist five realms.    And fewer still are aware of the bridges that interconnect the different realms.  Doorways which can only be opened by those who have the proper understanding of things.  

Without the use of such Doorways, only one who has understanding of the Truth of the Singularity can travel between the Realms.

The Trust Society is close to understanding this Truth.
It will only take a matter of time.


  1. Really this is a Worth full message for all Tamilians.

  2. Uh... thanks? :-) HHehehe this was a blog for a game I ran some time back.

  3. very nice man i am a tamilian and i live in madurai you done a good job but last line is false history brother. Any aryan invasion did not done in tamil land (tamil desam currently states are tamilnadu kerala some southern area of andhra pradesh and karnataka)only tamil kings are invaded in north india ok. first man is nedunjaliyan1 he invaded chaulikya country (present karnataka) and north india then he had a title arya padaiya vendru eduthaa venthaa and some other tamil kings are invaded like cheran sengutovan and great karikala cholan ok bye.

  4. Uh guys, this is just a GAME. Not real history.